Sunday 29 June

From imagination

This one wasn’t based on a photo or any reference material, just a bit if imagination and a lot of corrections! I was watching a Miss Marple and the actress Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle) was in it and I suspect she had an influence on the girl although it is not meant to be a portrait of her.

28 June

Amy by the sea
Drawn in Ireland 2013

I took the photo that this was drawn from in Ireland last August. Amy was a guest at Duncan and Chrissies wedding and agreed to let me take some photos by the beach in the rain.

This is another left handed drawing in pen with a light wash.


Friday 27 June

A sketch of Willow from 2004

Another oldie today. This sketch of Willow was done in 2004 when she was just coming up to two years old. She is nearly twelve now and was running around the park like a puppy this afternoon. She still loves doing tricks like weaves, twists, jumping over Pippin and spinning backwards between our legs. She has no idea how old she is!

Thursday 26 June

A bridge in Venice
Pen, ink and watercolour

Another drawing based on a photo I took in Venice in February. Of this stylish couple walking over a bridge. I used some extra watercolour black to fill in some of the shadows, perhaps I overdid them a bit, knowing when to stop is a lesson I still have to learn.


Wednesday 24 June

Small cottage in Devenport

One of my favourite places in urban New Zealand is Devenport on the north shore of Auckland. The houses are a mix of wooden cottages and modern architect designed houses. As you would expect by the name there is a large navy base there but there are small shops, cafés and safe swimming beaches as well as a number of art galleries.

this is a typical wooden cottage probably built in the fifties and typical of lots of the small houses in New Zealand. I sketched this on our visit in 2010.

Tuesday 24 June

A bit short of time tonight so I did a quickly scribbled self portrait. Those who know me will agree I am much more handsome than this  in real life, or maybe that’s just inside my head. Anyway I will be content if you look at it and think it looks a little bit like me.

Pen portrait
Scribbled portrait

Monday 23 June

This is the drawing I should have done when we went to Venice in February. Unfortunately it was too cold and wet to sit around and draw so I had to be content with taking lots of photos.

drawn with my left hand with a pen than a wash added afterwards.

Sunday 22 June

It took along time to get the shape of my Labrador right, he isn’t like other labs!  i did lots of pencil drawing and rubbing out to start with and used the ink pen once I was happy with it.

he cooperated by resting his chin on my sketchbook and nudging me or laying on his back waving his legs in the air.

Saturday 21 Jine

Spent the day at the Waggytails Tails Rescue dog show so I didn’t get a chance to do any drawing.

Here are some sketches I did at my favourite museum a couple of years ago, the Russell Coates in Bournemouth.

I can’t remember who the chap with the large moustache is but the other two are Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington

Friday 20 June

This started as an experiment in subtractive drawing, the bust I used has no features except for the nose, it looked OK but I couldn’t resist adding the eyes and mouth and even a bit of Rembrandt style lighting on the left cheek.

the drawing is done in charcoal on watercolour paper.