31 December

This post completes my challenge of posting a drawing or painting every day for a year! There have been two or three photos where they have been of significance and on prolific days I may have completed two or three paintings and saved one for a busy day but I have painted almost every day for 12 months. My intention is to carry on but I have paintings in my head that cannot be completed in a day which I have been putting on hold so rather than committing to a. Post every day I will do one a week at the very least. Thank you for all your support and I wish you all a happy and peaceful new year.

30 December

County gates used to mark the boundary between Hampshire and Dorset until 1974 when Bournemouth was incorporated into Dorset and it became the boundary between Poole and Bournemouth. The spot where this pedestrian gate stood is now a busy gyratory system and the gate has been moved to a peaceful path in Branksome Chine where I walk the dogs every day.

29 December

Last Sunday we visited Kingston Lacey to see the Christmas lights. It wasn’t quite dark so we went for a hot chocolate. The cafe is in the old stable block, the courtyard was decorated with a tree and Christmas lights and full of families enjoying a drink before heading off round the gardens or in to the house. It was too dark to sketch so I took some pictures to use as reference.

25 December

It’s a bright and sunny Christmas morning here in Dorset, the puppy is in his play pen and the birds are feeding on the nuts outside the window. Only time for a very quick sketch while Ginny cooks the Christmas salmon. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

24 December

This morning’s sunrise on the beach looked like a fried egg reflected in the water and wet sand. Thank you very much to all those lovely people who have followed me and liked and commented on my pictures, you make it all worthwhile. Have a Happy Christmas.

23 December

We popped into Wimborne for some last minute shopping yesterday afternoon. On the green opposite the Minster there is a temporary ice rink. The Minster choir must have been between services and took the opportunity to have a go on the ice, it was great to see them in their cassocks gliding round the rink. Not sure what the bishop would think of it!

22 December

No time to paint today because we visited Kingston Lacey house to see the illuminated gardens. We wanted to see the inside of the house as well but it was fully booked so we will try to go again next week. The gardens were really busy with families and young children, most were well behaved, some weren’t! It took ages to get outt of the car park but it was worth the effort as the lights were amazing.