31 March

I am only doing one dog walk per day now as per the government guidelines. I go out at 7.30 in the morning and Ginny takes them in the afternoon. On Sunday the early sunshine was catching the top of the stone bridge in Branksome Chine. I have painted this bridge before back in the autumn when the colours were red and gold. It’s nice to see the spring greens appearing daily.

28 March

I have just finished the monthly challenge for the group Purely Watercolour and found I am too late! Never mind I enjoyed drawing the Russell Cotes museum which is my favourite building here in Bournemouth. I used line and wash in my sketch book so couldn’t go too mad with the colours.

26 March

Walking down to the beach through the woods early yesterday the sun was streaming through the trees and the morning mist turned the figure of a man walking his dog into a silhouette. I grabbed a quick photo as he disappeared round the corner so I could paint it later.

25 March

I will admit to having had a lazy day today as it’s my birthday. I walked the dogs to the beach early this morning, spoke to a few friends and family on the phone, played guitar, played the piano, baked a coffee sponge cake and finished this acrylic painting for the Broadstone Art Society exhibition which has now been postponed along with everything else. I may do some adjustments to the surf line above the dog, what do you think?