29. February

I visited the Russel Cotes Museum and gallery in Bournemouth today to see the new Pre Raphaelite exhibition. Afterwards we stopped in one of the galleries to do some sketching so while Gill drew some of the statues I concentrated on the visitors.

27 February

I couldn’t get inspired today so I went back to an old favourite and didn’t another watercolour of Corfe Castle. Not sure it is a great success but it got me painting and thinking ai should be doing a larger version of this view.

25 February

Today’s model at Broadstone art society was Andrea. I did this watercolour sketch while waiting for my acrylic background to dry enough so I could draw on it. The acrylic painting wasn’t so successful bu I may post it tomorrow.

24 February

I have been thinking about switching to acrylics for the live portrait sessions at my art group on Tuesday. This is a trial to see if I can can make it work. I chose the subject especially for Anna who has a soft spot for George. I hope I have done him justice.

22 February

One of the watercolour groups I belong to has a weekly challenge where they put up a photo and the challenge is to do a painting with a one hour time limit. This is my effort for this week, There is more that I could do but at least it stops me from overworking it.

21 February

Another watercolour inspired by the technique taught by Frances Shearing. This involves laying down washes of colour, letting them run and blend and then picking out pictures with a small brush, adding a bit more colour as required. It is great fun to do and can be applied to a street scene of even a landscape.