31 August

Another attempt to discover the technique used by Sir William Russel Flint in his watercolours. His flesh tones are amazing, mine look like they have been tangoed! There is something not quite right about her right arm too but I am not unhappy with the result.

29 August

I have painted several VW vans in watercolour using a credit card and a stick but this is an attempt at the same technique in acrylics. The pigment doesn’t flow as well as watercolour but it has less tendency to get muddy so the colours are brighter.

28 August

Here is a little watercolour from our visit to Compton Acres yesterday, this is in the Italian garden. I have photographed several school proms in this garden with David Beater photography,it’s a stunning setting and a summers evening in the garden with lots of lovely girls to photograph was a dream job. Sadly it was raining yesterday and there weren’t any young girls in sight (sorry Gill,)

27 August

Today was the last official plein air of Poole and east Dorset art society for the summer and we visited the beautiful Compton Acres gardens in Poole, Dorset. The weather was not great but we managed to do some painting before the rain got too heavy. I am just glad we were not out in the epic rainstorm this afternoon. I was sat in the car with my wife, we couldn’t see out of the windscreen at times.

26 August

Today’s painting is an experiment using different types of watercolour paper. The spiral sketch book is cartridge paper, the four figures are on 130lb NOT watercolour paper and the other three are on a smooth watercolour paper. The conclusion is I need more practice of figure drawing! Apart from that I rather like different properties of all three surfaces although the watercolour paper probably doesn’t always need the pen work.

Smooth watercolour paper
130lb NOT watercolour paper
Sketchbook cartridge paper

25 August

I have never painted a portrait in oils so I thought it was time to try one. The reference was a royalty free photo so it is not someone I know. I still have to adjust the mouth and darken the eyes but it seems to be working.

24 August

I took the dogs for a walk to Canford Cliffs this morning so I took my sketch book to see if they would wait while I did a quick painting. They were very good and just laid down and looked bored, I didn’t like to make them wait too long so the painting was a little rushed.

23 August

The virtual urban sketchers group have recently been sketching Mont St Micheal in Brittany using street view. I have been admiring the results and planning to have a go myself. We visited Mont St Micheal in 2013 so I looked back at some of the photos and picked this one to start with. The streets are narrow, cobbled and look like a set from Harry Potter!

22 August

I am delighted to have found that one of the portraits I painted for the portraits for heroes project has been included in the on line exhibition by Google arts and culture. They chose 700 out of the thousands of portraits painted for this good cause. My portrait is the double one of Sam and Sofia. The exhibition is at https://arts and culture.google.com/project/healthcare-heroes.