9 August

I couldn’t find the energy to paint in today’s heat so here is a watercolour sketch of the tai chi class in Shelley Park on Thursday. I decided not to use a pencil. Or pen but go straight in with a brush for a different effect.

8 August

The Purely watercolour Facebook group has a monthly challenge, this months the theme is cafe. We were in Wimborne this morning and had coffee at the cafe in the square so it was an ideal place to take some reference photos and do a painting this evening.

17 August

Ginny’s friend Pat said goodbye to her Jack Russell Micky last week, he was a rescue dog from Waggy Tails that Pat has supported in many roles for years. Micky was a bit grumpy at times but very loving once he got to know you. I did this watercolour for her to remember him by.

6 August

Today’s plein air outing with PEDAS was to Meyrick Park in Bournemouth. When I arrived it was overcast and drizzling and I couldn’t see any of the other artists. However I found a couple of the others and settled down to sketch although it wasn’t very inspiring. After a while people began to arrive and congregate just behind me, it turned out to be a tai chi group so suddenly I had lots of subjects doing nice slow movements in front of me so it turned out to be a good day after all.

4 August

Today’s plein air meeting with Broadstone Art Society was in Swanage. Most of the group went up on the cliff top but I like to include people so I sat down by the pier and watched the families on the prom and the children crabbing. I did join the others at lunch time but that painting can wait until tomorrow.

3 August

The blackberries are starting to ripen and for the next couple of months I will struggle to walk Nuala past the bushes without her diving in for a quick snack. She was taught to blackberry by our little collie Willow who is sadly no longer with us but was an expert at picking out the plumpest berries.

2 August

Last week we were able to visit friends in their garden, we took our two labradors who had a great time playing with their German Shepherd. Mike and I play in a small band together in normal times so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a few songs in the sunshine. Not the most flattering of either of us but we had a good time.

1 August

There is a line of very quaint picturesque buildings fronting the green outside Wimborne Minster. During our art group outing on Thursday several artists did some wonderful paintings of them and I couldn’t possibly compete so I rearranged them a bit.