31 January

This month the challenge from Purely watercolour is to paint a sunrise. This is from a photo I took on the beach in Poole on morning last week. February is going to be a very busy month for me with a house move to get through so my run of painting every day will probably miss a few. I have managed for two years and one month so i

30 January

I was stuck for a subject to paint today so I did of map of my morning dog walk! It was raining hard this morning so I didn’t see any tennis players or bowlers but a fox did put in an appearance. It was a little more handsome than the one I tried to paint.

27 January

Today’s sketches are film stars although you may not recognise them all. I was drawing with pen so if I didn’t get it right first time there is no way to correct it. My wife recognised them all so maybe they aren’t so bad.

26 January

One of the Poole artists suggested I correct yesterday’s portrait by adding pencil and pen so I gave it a try, still not 100% but I think it’s an improvement over the original. Thank you for the suggestion Norma. I also tried a pencil sketch but I think I should have used smooth paper.

24 January

Bournemouth and Poole urban sketchers virtual subject for today’s sketch day is objects from the kitchen. I didn’t want to do a still life so I decided to do a corner of the kitchen instead. It turned out to be an interesting exercise in perspective!

22 January

Walking back from the beach with the dogs this morning I kept pace with the recycling operatives (bin men). I asked one how far he walked in a week, the length of two marathons was the answer, 50 to 60 miles. All in a days work for these guys who have kept working for us all through every lockdown.