22 January

Walking back from the beach with the dogs this morning I kept pace with the recycling operatives (bin men). I asked one how far he walked in a week, the length of two marathons was the answer, 50 to 60 miles. All in a days work for these guys who have kept working for us all through every lockdown.

20 January

A portrait of Emmet drawn with Nitram charcoal on a cartridge paper sketch book. I don’t think this is the best surface for charcoal as it fills up the texture quickly. I think I need to try paper with a little more tooth, perhaps some light coloured pastel paper would work better.

19 January

Poole and East Dorset Art Society are setting regular challenges for members. This one was to create a picture of beakfast items. The tutorial used pastel and watercolour but I chose to sketch this morning’s breakfast in pen and wash.

17 January

Olga from Bournemouth and Poole urban sketchers posted this photo of Bournemouth town centre for us to sketch this weekend. I got a bit lost with the details in the half timbered house and the church spire but it was fun to do. Thank you Olga.

15 January

A tasteful nude in watercolour today. I would credit the photographer but I can’t remember where I found the image and I don’t want to put “naked in the bathroom” into Google because I will probably get mare than I bargained for! I think it came from an artists model reference site.

14 January

An accidental change of style today when I used a water soluble marker for my initial sketch As soon as I added water it ran everywhere but I am not disappointed with the result. This is from a photo I took of Fletcher on the beach at 7.30 this morning.