30. September

I have been thinking about how to make my painting more interesting and about style and composition. I read a book by the watercolour artist Hazel Sloane who said you should use a subject to create a painting and not just copy what is in front of you. I used a photo of guitarist friend Steve and interpreted it rather than producing a straight copy. I am not disappointed with the result although I am not sure he will recognise himself. However I have also read that likeness in a portrait is not important so that’s ok then!

27 September

I have been wanting to try painting with oils for a while, I have some that belonged to my father so they are around 20 years old. I did buy a few extra tubes to replace the ones I couldn’t open about 12 years ago. This is my first attempt and I really enjoyed it, so different to watercolour and acrylics, the paint doesn’t dry out if you leave it. For five minutes so it remains soft and useable, unfortunately that also means if you brush over the painting with your sleeve you ruin a perfectly good jumper! I know the lower half of the runner needs some work, she has a wonky leg!

Running on the beach.

25 September

Another visit to Park Run, Poole today. I used larger paper so I could frame it for our next exhibition in the gallery in Upton Country Park at the end of October. It was really nice that runners stopped to look at what I was doing and have a chat, after the run mostly but a couple of people stopped mid race. There is a great atmosphere at Park Run and the runners clearly have a great time.

23 September

The season for painting outdoors is nearing the end although today in Wareham was warm and dry. I sat by the river to sketch the Old Granary and pubs opposite me on Wareham Quay. Several passers by stopped to see what we were doing and were very complimentary. Lots of people tell me they wish they could draw but can’t draw a straight line, I tell them I can’t either but it doesn’t matter because with a little practice anyone can do this, you just have to be prepared to fail a few times. They wander on unconvinced and never get to fulfil their wish to be creative.

19 September

I had a meeting in Wimborne this morning with Bournemouth and Poole Urban Sketchers. It was a good turn out with over a dozen members sketching around the Minster. I. Chose to do a view of the High Street across two pages of my sketchbook, there was a vintage bus that went past several times but it didn’t stop long enough for me to include it.

18 September

Broadstone art society had a pop up exhibition at Broadstone Musical Market today. I was out sketching some of the colourful stalls and a couple of the performers. I didn’t get the name of the talented girl on the sax, the singer was Isaac Slade who’s effortless performance was one of the highlights of a great day.

16 September

I was out painting on Poole Quay with PEDAS this morning. It was a lovely sunny morning with plenty of people walking on the quay and taking boat trips. I was going to draw one of the queues waiting for a boat but before I could put pen to paper they were ushered on board and sailed off into the sunset ( well it was only half past ten but you know what I mean!) I had to content myself with the sculpture “Sea Music” by Anthony Caro. This sculpture has stood on the quay since 1991yet is described bu Google as a historical landmark, I have been around twice as long so what does that make me?.

15 September

Another painting from the recent Wimborne History festival although I did this from a photo. I believe he is a major on the 32 Cornwall Regiment of foot but I could be wrong about the rank. It was great to see the care and enthusiasm they put into their re enactment, a real crowd pleaser.