31 December

There was a beautiful sunrise on the beach this morning, it made me think of new Dawn’s and our hopes that next year will be a vast improvement on this one! I have posted a painting or drawing every day for two years but now I want to spend a little more time and paint some larger canvases so I will probably reduce the number of posts to one or two a week. I seem to remember writing the same thing last year and then carried on posting every day!

29 December

This is my second attempt at the Purely watercolour Monday challenge. I had two more attempts this morning, one in pen and wash and another watercolour but without any preliminary sketches. I won’t post those, I think two of the same subject is probably enough!

25 December

During our visit to the Russel Cotes museum in Bournemouth this week I admired a mixed media portrait by William Bruce Ellis Rankin. I had to have a go so after walking the dogs and before we start Christmas I had a quick go with pencil, watercolour and charcoal. Now for Christmas, where’s the Sherry?

23 December

A little portrait practice in charcoal today.inspired by a visit to the Russel Cotes museum in Bournemouth. They have an exhibition called “Art in lockdown” consisting of paintings from the archives that are relevant to the situation we find ourselves in at present. There are some wonderful portraits in the exhibition and on. Permanent display in the museum, most of them better than mine!

22 December

I have been meaning to sketch this Victorian terrace of shops in Ashley Cross for a while. I needed another bag of dog food from Marshall’s the pet shop there today so I took my sketch book. Unfortunately it was drizzling and not very nice so I took a photo and did it in the warm and dry at home.