23 December

A little portrait practice in charcoal today.inspired by a visit to the Russel Cotes museum in Bournemouth. They have an exhibition called “Art in lockdown” consisting of paintings from the archives that are relevant to the situation we find ourselves in at present. There are some wonderful portraits in the exhibition and on. Permanent display in the museum, most of them better than mine!

3 December

Back in 2002 I used to go off roading with Richard and his daughter Amy and my son Duncan. Richard brought Storm along for the ride in his swb Defender. I had a lwb truck cab series 3 which was slow and noisy on the road but great in the mud. Duncan and Amy are both in the police now and none of us have land rovers any more.

6 November

Today’s people are in a yoga class. I tried yoga once at home, my wife sat on the sofa in fits of laughter while my two labradors tried to join in by licking me and getting underneath me every time ai bent down, I am afraid ai gave up after that. Perhaps I would do better joining a class with these three but I am afraid I may lose concentration!