30 August

Went to Bournemouth Air show this afternoon. Luckily it’s only a short walk to the beach from home so we didn’t have any parking problems. It was a great opportunity to sketch people enjoying themselves although I couldn’t spend too long because I was with Ginny and our two labradors who were disappointed that they couldn’t run on the beach and swim in the sea. I can’t remember what the aeroplane was but it didn’t look like this, it flew over so quickly I was unable to draw it properly!

27 August

I went to Tyneham village in Dorset today with the Broadstone Art Society. The village was evacuated during the war because the army needed the land for D Day training, the villagers never returned so it has remained empty ever since. The church and school have been restored but the cottages are derelict and the thatched roofs have long since rotted away. The forecast was for a hot day but it rained really hard a couple of times during the morning.

26 August

Gill and I went to a couple of open studio exhibitions around Ringwood yesterday, not a great day to pick because the bank holiday traffic was awful. We managed to find a quiet spot in the forest where we were able to spend half an hour sketching by a stream.

25 August

I was playing with the Skittle Alley Strummers ukulele band at Ellingham church hall yesterday. I can’t draw and play at the same time so I did this from a photo afterwards. I am the one on the right in the big hat miming because I lost my voice.

24 August

When I was out with Broadstone Art Society on Tuesday we gathered together for lunch. I couldn’t resist a quick sketch of the group chatting away while we ate. I the background is Poole’s twin sails bridge stuck in the upright position until October while they have a new bearing made for it!.

22 August

Another painting from the Broadstone Art Society visit to Davis’s Boatyard on Tuesday. I stopped for lunch while painting this one intending to carry on afterwards but when I showed it to the proper artists they advised me to stop and leave it alone, it was finished!