26 February

Setting up our current exhibition at the Dolphin Centre in Poole we leased with Carmen the event organiser. Carmen was born in South Africa and has a striking skin tone that I knew I had to paint. As she works in the centre She couldn’t spare this time to sit for a portrait but ai persuaded her to pose for a few photos that I could work from.


25 February

Another good day at Gather, the exhibition space in Poole Dolphin centre. I spent the day sketching and painting including this picture of Rosie Kate who was playing piano in the foyer and collecting for the charity Leaf.

Rosie Kate

20 February

Our joint exhibition at the Dolphin shopping centre Poole opened yesterday. Poole and Easy Dorset Art Society and Broadstone Art Society have worked together to put on and exhibition of sketch books and finished paintings in the community space called Gather. There are demonstrations by artists every day. Yesterday afternoon I was doing urban sketching and I will be there again on Wednesday and Friday showing techniques and encouraging visitors to have a go. On Saturday children are invited to participate in crafts with two experienced artists from Broadstone Art Society so bring your children along for some fun with paint and scissors.

Dolphin centre Poole

17 February

We tried a new technique in our watercolour class this morning, at least it was certainly new to me. We painted acrylic gesso on to watercolour paper using a credit card and stick to create marks and texture in it. Once dry we added colour and let it run around to see what it would do. This is not meant to represent anything except I managed a rudimentary tree!

16 February

We met in Poole Park for today’s Poole art society meeting. I was taking a bit of a chance organising an outside event in February and it was extremely windy with rain in the air but we managed to do some sketching in a sheltered spot before retreating to the cafe for tea and cake.

Poole Park

15 February

Mandy sat for us for the portrait session at Broadstone Art Society this morning. She was a good model and fun to paint. She liked my portrait so much that I gave it to her so it may end up framed on her wall which is nicer than going in a box in my studio with all the others!


14 February

I have just started Ian Fennelly’s brilliant course on urban sketching at the zoo. It’s something I used to do with a friend at London Zoo when I was about 14 although nobody had invented urban sketching then, it was just drawing! we started with this rhino in graphite. I did it in my watercolour sketchbook, with hindsight perhaps I should have used a less textured cartridge paper.

13 February

The challenge from Purely Watercolour this month is to create a self portrait. I used a mirror rather than a photo so the result is how I see myself and not how everyone else sees me. That’s my excuse in case you don’t recognise me. Ginny says I have made my nose too big and I know I need to get to grips with blending the colours in my face but it was fun to do.