25 February

When I tried to watch the figure drawing session on you tube it wouldn’t let me. It wanted me to verify I am over 18 but when I tried it just went round in circles. Eventually I googled it and found I had to clear caches and cookies that I didn’t know I had! By the time I did all of this I had lost all enthusiasm and this shows in the drawings.

24 February

Day 24 of Figuary and I am doing it on the right day! In the one minute poses Astrid was holding a large piece of chiffon which I found challenging to draw. I used an aqua really pencil so I could add shadows afterwards. The pencil broke which is why the five minute pose was done in pencil. I added the pen and watercolour afterwards

23 February

A day late with this one but as it’s Sunday I should be able to catch up with today’s session later. A male model today which makes a change, fewer curves and more muscle definition not to mention a large willie! Overall I think I prefer drawing girls.

20 February

We are out tonight so I only had time for some quick sketches in pen but I couldn’t resist adding some colour. I had to try to get the lines right first time, I didn’t do too well on her face in the five minute pose. These are in an A5 sketch book so smaller than I usually draw them.

18 February

More challenging poses in figure drawing tonight but I feel it went well, especially the two minute poses. I managed to find time to do a quick watercolour portrait in a comic book style. It is loosely based on work by the french illustrator Jean Paul Gilbert, there are some of his works on Pinterest

I just noticed her wonky left eye!.