14 November

Around 54 years ago we formed a band at school. We played in a few youth clubs and school dances and over the years have done the odd wedding and party. Although we live as far apart as London, Dorset and Gloucestershire we managed to get together for a few days last week and had a blast. When do you stop being a boy band?

26 September

I haven’t finished today’s painting yet but decided to share this photo I took early yesterday morning on the beach at Branksome Chine. There are currently 6 cruise ships anchored in Poole Bay, I don’t think they will be going anywhere for a while.

14 April

Our two labs have a bed each but every night there is a race for this one, I don’t know why because they are both the same size. Last night Nuala got there first but Fletcher decided there must be room for two labs, after all they are lap dogs! They stayed there for about an hour before Nuala gave up and went to the other bed.

19 March

The London Aquarium exceeded all our expectations. It is well laid out and filled with fascinating sea life. It was also practically empty which was a bonus for us. I particularly liked these jellyfish , the tank was beautifully lit and the jellyfish were mesmerising.

17 March

We are having a few days in London this week as we can’t go to Venice. Although I was brought up in London it was interesting to get a new perspective having been away for 35 years! Some of the buildings are pretty amazing, particularly the pubs.

8 December

At the gundog Christmas party this morning Nuala won the advanced obedience competition beating all the other retrievers and spaniels, I am very proud of her. Fletcher di some of the advanced tests, even though he is still a beginner he is showing great potential.