19 March

The London Aquarium exceeded all our expectations. It is well laid out and filled with fascinating sea life. It was also practically empty which was a bonus for us. I particularly liked these jellyfish , the tank was beautifully lit and the jellyfish were mesmerising.

17 March

We are having a few days in London this week as we can’t go to Venice. Although I was brought up in London it was interesting to get a new perspective having been away for 35 years! Some of the buildings are pretty amazing, particularly the pubs.

8 December

At the gundog Christmas party this morning Nuala won the advanced obedience competition beating all the other retrievers and spaniels, I am very proud of her. Fletcher di some of the advanced tests, even though he is still a beginner he is showing great potential.

10 May

We worked all day with the new business owners in Cambridge and finally got away at around 6 pm. It was a four hour drive home including a meal break so it will have to be a photo again today. This is one I took while out with the dogs this morning. It is the river at Godmanchester.