29 September

For today’s plein air with Broadstone Art society we went to the RSPB reserve at Arne. There is a hill with a view of Poole Harbour, Corfe Castle and the Purbeck. The sun shone, the wind died away so it was a perfect morning to sit and paint.

27 September

A visit to Boscombe gardens this morning where I was able to do a watercolour sketch of this interesting building by the entrance. I heard someone say it was from the arts and crafts period but I have to admit I don’t know when that was or what features make it so. I will have to do some research (by which I mean Google!)

26 September

I haven’t finished today’s painting yet but decided to share this photo I took early yesterday morning on the beach at Branksome Chine. There are currently 6 cruise ships anchored in Poole Bay, I don’t think they will be going anywhere for a while.

25 September

I decided to have another go at the painting I couldn’t finish at Bournemouth pier yesterday because of the rain. This time I used a couple of photos for reference and tried to capture the way the sun was backlighting the people and the bicycles. I think I need to study cast shadows a little closer, especially the one on the left!

24 September

This morning our plein air outing with PEDAS was at Bournemouth pier and gardens. The weather forecast was pretty bad but I had to go along having organised the outing. I didn’t see any other artists there so I settled down to do a quick painting and before I finished drawing.it rained so I sheltered for a while. The sun came out so I ventured out to add some paint but as soon as I had filled the water pot and set up my pallet it rained again, I tried to paint through it but it just got heavier so I gave up and came home! Sometimes the weather beats us although the rain on the painting created some interesting effects.

21 September

I have been experimenting with hot pressed paper, it’s much smoother than the watercolour paper I normally use but unlike cartridge paper it will take a wash without buckling. I may try to do a similar painting on the rougher cold pressed to see how they compare.