12 July

Last weekend I went to Bolton for a conference and because I still can’t drive I had to take the train. It took two trains and a bus to get there and two trains and a tube to get home, not to mention enough money to fill the cat three times over. That should read car of course!

so here is my salute to Virgin Rail.

Virgin Rail
Train ticket

3 July

Water lilly
Pen and wash drawing of a Lilly in our pond

Today’s sketch nearly turned into a painting. I intended to add a little splas of colour to the flower but as usual didn’t know when to stop.

Gill bought us this water Lilly a few years ago and it has thrived in our pond giving us several flowers every year.

2 July

Been really busy for the last few days so I haven’t had time to do any drawing so I have dug into the old sketch books and come up with this pencil drawing ¬†of Willow and my old Land Rover.

Willow and Land Rover
Willow and Land Rover