6 August

I was invited to a wedding to do some sketching today. I started at the church and did some more at the reception. I also took some photos so I can do a couple more at home. Thanks to Pat and Steve for asking me to sketch their beautiful daughter Clare and her new husband Will on their special day.

Clare and Will
The bridesmaids

3 August

I did one of the circular walks from the Spetisbury Parish Council website this afternoon. Three and a half miles through beautiful Dorset countryside. Over rivers past mills and hidden churches, a 300 year old bridge and finally along the railway stopping for a quick sketch at the old Spetisbury Halt station. Fletcher drank most of my painting water so I had to use it sparingly!

Spetisbury Halt
Fletcher drank my water!

2 August

Broadstone Art Society visited Edmonsham House in Dorset this morning. Iris arranged for us to be allowed to paint in the gardens. I chose to do the lovely old stable block and one of the artists sketching the dairy.

The stables at Edmonsham House
The old dairy Edmonsham House