31 July

Another picture from our visit to Wimborne yesterday. I was attracted by the sunlight on these two figures sat on a wall in the high street so I tried to capture the contrast with the shop fronts in shadow over the road.

30 July

Today’s plein air outing with PEDAS was to Wimborne Minster. I didn’t want to attempt to draw the Minster so I sat on a bench on the green to look around for a subject. A young couple walked passed swinging a toddler between them who was laughing uproariously. Although they were gone in a moment I knew I had my subject.

29 July

In West Bay yesterday there were lots of children fishing for crabs in the harbour soI took some photos to paint later. I don’t know whether to add some pen or leave it as it is. What do you think?

28 July

I visited a sick friend in Bridport today so we took him to West Bay for lunch and a breath of sea air. We had crab sandwiches and chips from a hut by the harbour and an ice cream from Granny Gothards ice cream parlour. I only had time for a quick sketch while we waited for our sandwiches. West Bay was very busy, I think people have discovered the joys of a British seaside holiday this year.

27 July

I have never owned a beetle, only 4 VW vans from the split screen to the T5, oh and a Passat for a while but that was a company car. Beetle owners love them so I must have missed out on something special.

26 July

when we were away in the motor home a couple of weeks. Ago we walked along the Grand Union Canal in Berkhamsted and had our first pub lunch for four months. The canal was busier than I expected with boats travelling in both directions. They weren’t hire boats but privately owned and probably lived in. This one had a large parrot in a cage behind the screen in the front!

25 July

When I was painting by the river on Thursday a chap knelt down to talk to the artist in my field of view, they were both backlit by the sun against the dark green of the river so I couldn’t resist a quick attempt at capturing the light. I knew he wouldn’t stay long so I skipped drawing and went straight in with a brush.

24 July

Yesterday virtual sketchers were in Port Isaac, Cornwall. Unfortunately I couldn’t get there until today but the sun was shining and it was busy. I had planned to paint Doc Martin’s house across the bay but I couldn’t resist this busy scene outside the lifeboat station. Thank you Lucy for gran I sing the trip.

23 July

Today’s PEDAS plain air outing was to Canford Park SANG which stands for “Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space”. Essential it is to provide dog walkers with an alternative to Canford Heath in order to protect the heathland. It is a beautiful park bordering the river Stour and a great place to exercise or paint. The light was good and the area we chose very peaceful.

22 July

I was playing with watercolours trying some new flesh tones so I found a couple of familiar figures to practice on. I know the colours are a little weird but if you recognise the characters then it works.