21 July

The Facebook group Purely Watercolour issues regular painting challenges, this is from a photo of kayaks silhouetted by the sun. I struggled with the sparkles on the water but I think it turned out OK in the end.

19 July

Bournemouth and Poole urban sketchers continued their virtual sketch tour with a visit to Kingston Lacey today. I was unable to join them this morning but caught up this afternoon with a quick painting from one of Cat’s great photos.

18 July

I am working on a large portrait so only had time for a quick sketch in the garden today. Our silver birch has grown so tall it shades our solar panels so we are not getting the return on them that we should. It has a TPO so we are not allowed to cut it down.

17 July

Today’s painting using just a credit card and a stick is another split screen VW van. I thought it appropriate to place it on a sandy beach because today is sunny and warm and there has been a steady stream of people going down our road headed for the beach.

15 July

This Red Kite was inspired by the kites we saw over our campsite near Berkhamstead over the last couple of days. I tried to soften the kite to give it some movement but used too much water and it ran into the sky a little!

12 July

I don’t normally paint flowers but when I walked into the garden for a cup of tea early this morning the lavender and geraniums were back lit by the low sunshine and glowed against the dark hazel bush behind them. I knew I would struggle to get the light with watercolour so I used pastels on a dark paper.