31 July

It was good to see Poole Park run happening again and to go along to do some sketches. There was a great atmosphere this morning with lots of cheerful runners having a great time. I managed a few sketches as they ran past.

29 July

Today the art group visited Shillingstone House courtesy of Lady Caroline Salt. We had the run of the gardens and an oil painting tutorial from the brilliant Rob Adams. I chose to paint one of the garden cottages in watercolour but it made me want to give oils a try soon.

28 July

Sktchy 30 places in 30 days day 8. A snowy street scene in Quebec with Micheal Solovyev. An interesting watercolour tutorial leaving white paper for the highlights and adding deep shadows in the snow. I like the way he paints winter trees.

25 July

We had a meeting of Poole and Bournemouth urban sketchers this morning in Ashley Cross, Poole and it was well attended in spite of the forecast. Most of us sat in the park and sketched the fountain and the big old trees. The occasional slight drizzle didn’t spoil the morning and there were some great sketches done, and mine.

21 July

I am sure I saw a challenge in Purely watercolour to re create a famous painting a few days ago? I can’t find it now but here is my first attempt. I enjoyed it so much I may try another one!
It turns out the challenge was last year so I must have gone back in time!

20 July

Today’s outing with Broadstone Art Society took us to the Blue Poole near Wareham, Dorset. Once used to extract clay for Poole pottery it is now a delightful lake surrounded by pine woods, perfect for a visit on a really hot day. Having finished a mediocre watercolour I sketched our president Dennis and his daughter as he painted the pool in oils. Dennis is in his 90’s and still joins us to. Paint outside whenever he can, he is always cheerful and very inspirational. A very nice chap!

18 July

It’s a bit too hot to concentrate on serious work so here are a couple of watercolours of Morris dancers from photos I took at the New Forest Folk Festival last week. I know there are a lot of fans of Morris dance but I struggle to take it seriously, maybe that’s the point!

15 July

I spent a happy morning with the art group painting around Kimmeridge. The sun shone and the views were magnificent. I someone must have reversed into the Clavell tower because I am sure it didn’t lean before! The tower was built in 1830 and in 2006 had to be moved 25 metres back from the crumbling cliff edge by dismantling it, labelling and numbering all the stones and rebuilding it in a safer location.