31 October

Today’s Inktober theme is Ripe. When we came home from holiday last month one of our tomato plants was covered in ripe tomatoes. I made a mental note to pick them later that day but when I went outside again the plant was bare and one of our labradors looked a little fatter! The greedy little madam had eaten the lot.

30 October

Today’s Inktober theme is Catch so I thought back to last weekends World Cup semi final between England and New Zealand. One of the best matches I have ever seen and a great result for England. Looking forward to the final on Saturday.

29 October

Day 29 of Inktober and the theme is Injury. I remembered this scene in an old Carry on Doctor film when the hapless Jim Dale has to examine Barbara Windsor. I can’t remember what was wrong or why she was only dressed in three strategically placed hearts. They are watched over by Hattie Jaques as the fearsome matron.

27 October

Today’s Inktober theme is Coat. When I was a young boy in the 50’s a large part of tv programming was taken up with cowboy films. I am pretty sure I would have wanted a coat like this if they made them to fit six year old gunslingers.

23 October

Today’s Inktober theme is Ancient so I thought of Geraldine McEwan as the witch Mortianna in Robin Hood and the prince of thieves. Geraldine and Alan Rickman were superb while Kevin Costner played Robin Hood with an American accent.