20 October

Out with Bournemouth and Poole urban sketchers today. We were in Bournemouth Gardens by the town hall.After lunch I went and found the old water tower that was built to feed the fountains that used to be in the gardens.

19 October

The Inktober theme today is Sling. The England rugby team know how to sling a ball around and they did it to perfection this morning when they beat Australia in the World Cup quarter finals. I did these sketches with an ink pen while watching the game this morning, I added the colour afterwards.

18 October

Today’s Inktober theme is Misfit. I thought a lot about this and decided that being a misfit is dependent on your environment. A nudist on a nudist beach is not a misfit but a nudist in the supermarket is. This young lady in the steampunk out fit would not be a misfit amongst her contemporaries but may well be serving behind the fish counter. One persons misfit is another persons role model. Tolerance is the answer.

16 October

Inktober day 16 and the theme today is wild. We get lots of birds in our garden but the rarest visitor is only seen after a hard frost when they come in to town from the country to forage for berries in the woods around us. This redwing is truly wild. I drew it with a pen, sepia ink, black ink a tissue and a stick!

15 October

At last a day without rain so I took the dogs to Tyneham village for a walk, unfortunately it was closed (it’s on the army tank ranges) so we parked above Kimmeridge and walked along the ridge for one of the best views in Dorset, Kimmeridge bay and Clavell tower.

14 October

Day 14 of Inktober and the theme is Overgrown so I thought of an old car parked in a shed and left until it was so overgrown nobody would know it was there. A friend of mine once found an Austin Maxi like this in the woods at a house he was renting, the odd thing was it had a tow hitch bolted to the rear tailgate. If had tried to tow it would have pulled the boot lid off. I used some Spectrum Noir pens plus a little watercolour to colour the pen drawing.

13 October

Inktober theme today is Ash so I have tried a botanical drawing. Ash is an extremely useful tree, it burns slowly without too much smoke and gives a lot of heat. It is also used to make handles for garden tools, cricket stumps and Morris Travellers. It also looks good in the woods.