30 June

My second painting from yesterday’s visit to Knoll beach Studland. I started with a messy pen drawing then added lots of colour without being too precious about the accuracy. I am quite pleased with the result.

29 June

I was out with Broadstone art society on Studland beach this morning. We had a tutored session with local artist Sue Fawthrop. Sue is an oil painter and gave us some very useful tips on setting up and handling oils outside. She was also gave me some very helpful advice on my watercolours. This is the first of my two paintings from the morning. As you can see it was overcast and drizzling but it did stop raining eventually.

28 June

I have mentioned before that I am not a flower painter but our garden is full of colour at the moment so I felt compelled to go out and paint from life. I know the dark purple one is an iris of some sort but I don’t know what the lilac plant is, any ideas?

27 June

In Ringwood this morning with the Poole & Bournemouth urban sketchers group. The early rain cleared so we had a couple of hours of dry weather. I sketched the high street but when I came to take the photo of sketch plus scene, as required by urban sketchers, a large lorry stopped to make a delivery and it started to rain!

26 June

I didn’t think I would enjoy visiting Menehead very much expecting holiday camps and amusement arcades. Well they are there for those that want them but the town was really rather pleasant and the old harbour an unexpected bonus. We spent a couple of hours here while I painted, it has a great atmosphere and lovely views with the wooded head rising up behind the harbour.

25 June

We have been away in the motorhome for a few days staying at Bicknoller which is at the foot of the Quantock Hills in North Somerset. We were in a meadow full of wild flowers soI had to try to paint them even if flowers are not one of my favourite subjects. The light changed quickly as I waited for the first wash to dry so I tried to capture the light coming through the clouds.

18 June

I took part in the National Gallery talk and draw on line event this afternoon. We had a fascinating talk about the Battle of San Romano, a painting by Paolo Ucello. We were then shown close ups of sections and given around four minutes to produce a quick sketch. Finally we had around 8 minutes to sketch the whole piece, quite a challenge but great fun and very educational.

17 June

We went to Middle Beach, Studland for today’s plein air with PEDAS. It’s not as crowded as other parts of Studland because access to the beach is down a steep slope but it has a nice cafe and toilets and wonderful views of Studland Bay and Old Harry Rocks.

15 June

Just got around to day 6 of the Sktchy Bodies in Motion course. Today’s tutor is Elena Mahoney Sanchez. We started with a couple of warm up sketches in pencil but I can never resist adding a splash of colour then the main pose in the orange dress. Elena used gouache but I am happier with pen and watercolour.

14 June

Another sketch from the art market yesterday. I was trying to sketch people walking past using a brush rather than a pencil or pen. The highlights were preserved using a white conte crayon as I didn’t have any masking fluid.