13 June

I exhibited at the Bournemouth art fare today, not very successfully. Bournemouth was crowded but people we’re only interested in football or the beach, not much interest in art. I spent the day people watching while sketching and painting in the sun.

12 June

I am sure I am not the only person looking forward to the return of Park Run on 26 June ( possibly!) I won’t be running but trying to sketch the runners as they flash past. This is done from a composite of sketches and photos but I feel it lacks the spontaneity of doing it from life even though I tried to sketch quickly in pen. Fingers crossed for the real event.

9 June

Day 4 of the Sktchy Bodies in motion with Patrick Hostenbach. The pose wasn’t very dynamic but the idea was to draw very quickly using brush and ink. After several attempts with a brush which were not brilliant I resorted to a Sailor fountain pen to get the proportions and the brush for the rest.

6 June

Day 3 of the Sktchy course Bodies in motion. Today’s tutor was Juan Perednik who did a super graphite drawing of this dancer. As usual I did my own thing with pen and wash. Today’s pen was a cheap Bic biro which seemed to work well.

5 June

Day two of the Sktchy course Bodies in motion. The tutorial from Kate Higgins featured a very dramatic action shot of Kate Wingman. The tutor used coloured pencils to create a wonderfully rendered picture. I did my usual pen and wash and messed up the hands and face! I may have another go at this one tomorrow.

3 June

Today’s en plein air session with Poole Art Society was at Holmes Nurseries, a garden centre in the beautiful Purbeck countryside. We had coffee by the pond were the waterfall overflowed from the lake while we sat and sketched in good company. A very relaxing morning.

2 June

I went to visit my friend and ex neighbour Vicky in her pottery studio today. She threw a pot in porcelain while I tried to sketch her working at the wheel, it was fascinating to watch her hands as she fashioned the pot to her design.