30 April

Today’s virtual sketch from Google street view is a Hollywood western film set which near Almirante in Spain. I had to add a couple of horses for authenticity and I think I should have used a larger sketch book.

28 April

The Monday challenge from our Facebook group Purely Watercolour is a photo of Portsoy harbour in the north of Scotland. I did it in my sketch book which is cartridge paper so had to keep the washes light so this is actually pen and wash, I hope it will still count!

27 April

Still working on the double portrait for the NHS today so here is an experimental monotype print I tried a while ago. It was difficult to control the colours so I may use it as a background for something else.

26 April

I have been working on another NHS portrait today which will take a day or so to finish so here is a watercolour sketch from a couple of weeks ago. We are lucky enough to live in an area with lots of pine trees. Their tall, straight trunks make a great contrast to the oaks and beeches and when the early morning sun hits them they glow with reds and ochre. These are in the next road and done from a phot I took during my daily dog walk.

25 April

I am taking part in the Instagram #portaitsfornhsheroes started by the artist Tom Croft where artists all over the UK offer to paint portraits for front line nhs staff free of charge. This is Anthony. He is Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) usually working in theatre but has since been redeployed to a different hospital to work on COVID ICU. He has worked in the NHS for over 15 years. He was nominated by his wife.

23 April

A few years ago I did a studio photography course at Bournemouth art university. Amy was on the course with me but was actually prettier than a lot of the models and certainly more colourful so She ended up modelling as well as being a really good photographer. NowI have turned to painting I am going back through some of the portraits I have photographed to use as models.

21 April

Tuesday is portrait day at Broadstone Art Society so we have been sharing a photo to paint from. This week I supplied a photo I took some years ago in Swanage. I am afraid I don’t remember his name but he is a Coast Watch volunteer. Coast Watch are a charity who took over the old coastguard lookouts when the MCA decided the coastguard no longer needed look outs or boats and cut the budget accordingly. They do an excellent job but it sad that the government rely on charities such as Coast Watch and the RNLI to supply safety cover on the coast when almost every other country has those facilities provided by the taxpayer. Rant over!