2 June

We had our first plain air outing with Broadstone art society at Upton Country park this morning. Everyone felt a bit nervous but it was easy to maintain social distancing and still enjoy painting outside in company with other artists. The park was fairly busy but everyone was careful and respected the rules,

1 June

Today I have been trying to paint like William Russel Flint, one of the finest watercoulorists of the 20th century. ( in my opinion!). I found some old Pathe news footage of him painting in his studio and he didn’t draw first, he just went straight in with watercolour so that is how I tried today. Doing some more research I have discovered that this wasn’t always the case and he was a superb draughtsman so I think I will try drawing the figures first. His use of subtle colours in his washes is very hard to emulate but I will keep trying.

29 May

Yesterday I went down Evening Hill to the area of Poole Harbour known as Whitley Lake. It’s a large shallow area of water where fishermen and oystercatchers dig for rag worm at low tide but when the tide is in it’s probably one of the busiest parts of the harbour where hundreds of board sailors Zoom about in the safe shallow water. The road at the edge of the harbour is lit by these decorative cast iron lamp posts which date back to 1895 although I suspect they have been re wired since then.

28 May

This morning I cycled to Evening Hill which is a viewpoint overlooking Poole Harbour and only a short ride from home. It was great to be outdoors painting again and this post marks a small milestone as it is my 366th consecutive post, well it is a leap year! In fact I have posted every day since 1 January 2019 but an internet glitch one day last May resulted in a missed post and the counter reset to zero.