26 May

This week’s portrait at Broadstone art society is of Lisa. This is from a photo I took during a shoot with Lisa in 2011 when I did more photography than art. Lisa often modelled for me when I did product photography for a couple of clothing companies.

25 May

This morning I returned to Venice to do a sketch, well I used a photo from our trip in 2014 when it rained a lot, but it was February and relatively quiet so we didn’t have to queue to get in anywhere. We didn’t’ get our planned trip this year because of lockdown but will try again next year if there are any airlines left to fly with!

24 May

I was following the Sky Arts portrait artist of the week this morning and attempted a quick portrait of Will Young. This was not my best portrait, I put his eyes too close together and gave him buck teeth! I enjoyed the program and may try again next week.

23 May

I joined an on line life drawing class this afternoon with Kenzo at Love Life Drawing. He is a very good tutor if you want to learn figure drawing and today was talking about line weight. As I like to draw with a pen I finished each model with time to spare so couldn’t resist adding a bit of colour. There was a female model as well but I shaded under her chin and it looked like a beard so I didn’t photograph that one!

22 May

This is my 7th portrait for NHS heroes. This time it is Jo, a nurse at Lilliput surgery. I met her when I went in for a routine blood test so I am glad she stuck a needle in me before I painted her portrait!

21 May

It’s a beautiful day here in Dorset so I cycled down to the harbour to paint a picture. It was very crowded around the beach but I managed to find a secluded spot to sketch the a North Haven Yacht Club which is built on a jetty out into the harbour. I had my sketchbook, pens, pencils, water brush but forgot the paint! I had a water soluble pen so Ai used that to put. Some tone in and added a little colour when I got home. Not a great start to my first plain air trip for more than 7 weeks.