18 February

At Broadstone Art Society this morning it was my turn to be the model. Sitting still for two hours is not something I generally do but I managed not to wriggle too much and they all seemed happy enough. I have posted a selection of the artists portraits, sorry I didn’t get everybody’s names so I can’t credit you all but I have a special mention for Christine painted the one with the blues background as it was her I painted in the Chinese dress last week. I think she made a better go of me than I did of her, thank you Christine.

17 February

Here is another picture from yesterday’s urban sketchers outing to Poole Museum. While I was painting this a little boy came and looked at my picture. His dad told me the cap badge on the beret belonged to an officer in the marines and the uniform was that of a sergeant, he turned out to be an ex marine but he wasn’t willing to tell me much so I suspect he was special forces.

16 February

We had an urban sketchers meeting on Poole Quay today but the weather was so bad that we stayed inside the museum. There is so much to see and draw that I will go back on another wet day. This is a grocers delivery bike from the 50’s or maybe Granville’s bike from Open all hours!

15 February

This weekend’s challenge from purely watercolour is a still life. I don’t usually attempt still life especially with a one hour timelimit but this one was fun to try with so many colours. I took 55 minutes including the initial drawing.

13 February

I have been following the Figuary challenge which involves drawing from life models every day during February. Last year I drew every day but I have missed a few this year. The poses are one minute, two minutes and five minutes. This is taken from one of the poses but not done to a time limit.