21 January

Day 21 of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days challenge. A pen and wash sketch with Margriet Aasman. This is exactly why I joined this challenge, to do portraits in pen and wash. Thank you for an interesting tutorial Margriet. I used my Sailor fude fountain pen for this one.

19 January

At our watercolour class last week we used gum Arabic added to watercolour to make it easier to lift colour. We were set some homework to use the technique in a painting. I couldn’t decide on a subject so I divided the paper into four and played around a bit.

18 January

Portrait morning at Broadstone Art Society today. Pam was our sitter this morning. I tried acrylics because I am determined to get to grips with them. The problem I find is they dry quickly so I have to mix fresh batches of colour and I can’t seem to mix the same value twice.


17 January

Today we had three tree surgeons round to take down a 50foot leylandii that we felt was too large and dense for our garden. One of them climbed the tree lopping branches as he went up then took the top 15 foot off before coming down and felling the rest in one go dropping it neatly between the pond and my studio!

15 January

Day 15 of the Sktchy challenge and I am afraid I got a little bored with the cross hatched biro drawing and went back to my favourite watercolour. Today’s tutor Marguerite Aasman was really good but it wasn’t for me. I will carry on with the challenge because I am really enjoying the daily portrait drawing but I will choose the media that suits me.