16 October

Another life drawing class at the art society, today’s model is Lilly, she is a very experienced model and does some difficult poses. The charcoal sketches are five minute poses, the painting was thirty minutes which just about gave me time to add some colour.

5 Minute poses
30 minute pose

9 October

Park run Poole is fast becoming one of my favourite places to sketch and paint. The atmosphere is brilliant and the volunteers and runners very welcoming and friendly. I believe there were around 600 runners this morning so I couldn’t possibly fit them all into this one picture. This painting is going to be framed and entered into the Poole and East Dorset Art Society exhibition at the Gallery Upstairs Upton Country Park. The exhibition called “Art in to View” runs from 15 October to 1 November and will feature pictures from many local artists.

Park Run Poole

8 October

We had our first life drawing session for about 18. Months last night at the art society and it was good to be back. The session was tutored by Trish Jubb who brought Helen along to model for us. Helen was really good and I found I enjoyed drawing a larger model with plenty of curves to make her interesting. These two sketches were done in the second half of the evening and took around 15 minutes each.

6 October

Playing with watercolour portraits today trying to bring them to life using light and shade. The models are from a clothing catalogue but I don’t think they will recognise themselves so I won’t worry about copyright!

5 October

At Broadstone Art Society this morning there was some confusion over who was booked to model for our portrait session, ai think it was my mistake! However Sue kindly stepped in and sat for us. I think I messed up her glasses, why do I find them so difficult. Anyone got any tips for painting glasses on a model?


30. September

I have been thinking about how to make my painting more interesting and about style and composition. I read a book by the watercolour artist Hazel Sloane who said you should use a subject to create a painting and not just copy what is in front of you. I used a photo of guitarist friend Steve and interpreted it rather than producing a straight copy. I am not disappointed with the result although I am not sure he will recognise himself. However I have also read that likeness in a portrait is not important so that’s ok then!

27 September

I have been wanting to try painting with oils for a while, I have some that belonged to my father so they are around 20 years old. I did buy a few extra tubes to replace the ones I couldn’t open about 12 years ago. This is my first attempt and I really enjoyed it, so different to watercolour and acrylics, the paint doesn’t dry out if you leave it. For five minutes so it remains soft and useable, unfortunately that also means if you brush over the painting with your sleeve you ruin a perfectly good jumper! I know the lower half of the runner needs some work, she has a wonky leg!

Running on the beach.