3 November

A bit of a drawing exercise this morning. The three Graces from Botticelli’s Primavera. I might explore this theme in a painting later after all if there is one thing better than a pretty girl with not much on it’s three pretty girls with not much on!

2 November

I was watching the rugby this morning and sketching at the same time, I did this with a pen and added some colour after the game had finished. Sorry to see England lose but South Africa were the better team today.

1 November

I went to an art group in Poole tutored by the brilliant Frances Shearing from Bournemouth Bay art group. She holds a watercolour class every couple of weeks where she encourages artists to try out different techniques and to play with paint. It was a very stimulating session and I produced this piece during and after the class.

31 October

Today’s Inktober theme is Ripe. When we came home from holiday last month one of our tomato plants was covered in ripe tomatoes. I made a mental note to pick them later that day but when I went outside again the plant was bare and one of our labradors looked a little fatter! The greedy little madam had eaten the lot.