19 February

We have been so busy moving house this week that I haven’t had time to draw or paint but I managed to squeeze in a quick sketch this morning. Our removal crew were very experienced and didn’t need my help to move the piano so I took some photos instead so I sketch them later.

12 February

Figuary day 12. Today’s poses were all about foreshortening which is notoriously difficult to draw. The brain refuses to accept that sometimes the head can look bigger than the body or a knee cap is larger than a shoulder so you have to switch off the part of the brain that names things and just draw shapes, difficult to do within the allotted times!

8 February

Day 8 of figuary where the model took a pose and then rotated 180 degrees for a different view. It made for some interesting angles. There was no five minute pose today so I did a one minute one again and paused the video for five minutes. Watercolour was added afterwards as usual.

7 February

We had a plus size model in our figure drawing challenge today with more poses for a Sunday. We had 4 one minute poses, 4 two minute poses and finally one five minute pose, I couldn’t fit her all on one page.! As usual I added some splashes of colour at the end.

6 February

Very difficult poses in today’s figure drawing session especially to do them within the time slots. As usual I added the watercolour at the end, one and two minute poses don’t leave me with enough time within the session.