12 July

I don’t normally paint flowers but when I walked into the garden for a cup of tea early this morning the lavender and geraniums were back lit by the low sunshine and glowed against the dark hazel bush behind them. I knew I would struggle to get the light with watercolour so I used pastels on a dark paper.

11 July

I read today that the park run has started again in New Zealand, the country that got it right and took the initiative to defeat coronavirus. It reminded me of happy Saturday mornings sketching the runners as they enjoy park run in Poole.

10 July

At Shillingstone house yesterday I discovered this old 1968 Fiat being slowly consumed by the undergrowth. Apparently it belonged to the daughter of the house who couldn’t bear to part with it when it was written of by the insurance company following a rear end shunt.

9 July

This morning’s plain air outing was to Shillingstone House in Dorset with the kind permission of the owner. We were made very welcome and allowed to roam the beautiful gardens with appropriate social distancing. The house is quite complex and difficult to get right!

7 July

Today’s outing with Broadstone art was to Bramblebush Bay on Studland. The bay has a view across to Brownsea Island and the houseboat in the foreground makes an interesting composition. The weather was bright and sunny to start with but the wind was consistently chilly so after a couple of hours we moved across to Shell Bay which is sheltered and quite hot in the sunshine.

6 July

A friend’s dog Harry sadly passed away last week so I thought her mum might like something to remember him by. she hasn’t seen my painting yet but I am sure she doesn’t follow this blog. Please don’t tell her if you know her!

5 July

I cycled down to The edge of Poole harbour this morning because I knew it would be full of kite surfers on this sunny and windy day. The area was very busy with surfers, cyclists, walkers and joggers so there were plenty of opportunities for sketching. I met Andy from Easy Riders surf school, he used to be a good customer of mine when Supplied him with printed t shirts and hoodies. I am pleased to see he and his staff busy on the beach teaching kite surfing again. I only took a very small sketchbook with me which turned out to be a mistake, I need more space!