30 May

The 30 May

2021 is significant as it would have been my father’s 100th birthday, sadly he is not around to celebrate but if he had been I would have taken him to Bournemouth Art market where I had a pitch today. I didn’t sell much but I was commissioned to paint a classic car in watercolour so it was worth my time. I also got to sit and paint all day which was a bonus.

28 May

The Ford at Morton crosses the river Frome and is a great place to sit and paint. Walkers cross the bridge while dogs play in the river, there was even a horse and rider while we sat there but that picture will have to wait for another day. I have fond memories of driving my Land Rover through it some years ago, I doubt that my current car, a Nissan Qashqai, would make it! This black retriever was fetching dummies in a great display of water retrieving.

27 May

I spent the morning at Morton gardens with PEDAS. They had sculptures in the garden as part of Dorset Arts Week and the sun shone! It was a great morning and I have seen some lovely paintings done by other members of the group. The large brown structure is made of wicker, I forgot to look at the details so I can’t credit the artist or remember what it was called!

23 May

I have had this web site for two years and am embarrassed to report that I have only just discovered where I can see all your lovely comments! So sincere apologies for apparently ignoring you, I will do better from now on. I wonder what else I am missing?

22 May

Corfe Castle Station ticks all the boxes for me, the station, the castle, steam trains and people. What more could you want in a painting apart from a little more accuracy and attention to detail! This started out as a trial layout for a larger painting but I got carried away.

20 May

We decided to have a couple of days away in the motorhome so booked a site near Sidmouth in Devon, just a couple of hours drive but a chance to get away. Unfortunately all the recent rain has left the ground saturated and motorhomes are not good on wet grass and worse in the mud. After getting well and truly bogged down and spraying red Devon mud everywhere the farmer towed us out in his huge tractor. It was a great spectacle for the other people on the site but unless they are prepared to stay put for another couple of weeks I suspect they will face the same problem!