27 January

We visited Edinburgh in September, there is a very efficient park and ride tram service that drops you right in the city centre. This piper was playing on the corner of Princes Street with the castle in the background. All he need was a tin of shortbread to complete the Scottish cliche. The tourists (I suppose I was one as well) loved it.

26 January

I have been looking at some of Turners watercolours and decided to try a very loose wash to see what happens. It is hardly a Turner but it was fun playing with the washes. I should have taken a bit more time with the dogs and the post though.

24 January

I spent the morning stewarding at the Gallery Upstairs in Upton Country park for the Broadstone Art Society exhibition. I have four paintings exhibited, the first time I have ever shown. This is me stood nest to my acrylic seascape. ( The lower one)

23 January

At the Parish art group this morning our tutor Frances Shearing did a demonstration in watercolour where she painted a coloured background then drew over it using pure colour on a stick which we then softened with a brush. This is my attempt at this interesting technique, I am pleased with the result so will use this again.

22 January

This was the initial watercolour sketch for yesterday’s portrait. I like to do a quick sketch first as it helps me see where I am likely to go wrong with the proportions and likeness. Unfortunately I often repeat the error when it comes to the longer version!

21 January

I decided to use pastels at our portrait session at Broadstone art Society this morning, I haven’t done a pastel portrait for a while so was pleased with the result. The sitter Eddie is a Society member and gave an interesting talk on portrait drawing and adding figures to a painting this afternoon.