7 April

We have some tulips in the garden that have opened up completely and look very in tulip like, more like roses in face but I am no gardener. They looked brilliant in the sunshine so I had a go at painting them even though flowers are not my favourite subject. Looking back I should have kept more highlights, it looks a bit muddy, we live and learn.

6 April

I was doodling in my sketchbook when I saw this challenge on the Purely watercolour Facebook group so I tried a pencil sketch but couldn’t resist adding colour. It’s only on cartridge paper so ai couldn’t let the washes go too dark, ai may try again later on watercolour paper. Great photo, thank you for the challenge.

5 April

There are lots of art challenges around at the moment, this one is from the Facebook group Purely watercolour. I used some tubes of W&N Cotman watercolour I found while tidying my studio. The pigment is not as strong as artists quality paint and it has a tendency to go muddy which I struggled with. I tried to rectify it using a gel pen and some white gouache. The photo was taken of one of the islands in the Venetian lagoon, I forget which one.

3 April

It was lovely in the garden while the sun shone but as soon as I took a cup of tea and a sketch book outside it clouded over and the temperature dropped. I managed to stay out long enough to sketch the shed. The wisteria is getting ready to bud but just looks untidy at the moment.

2 April

This is from a challenge photo set by the group Purely watercolour. I finally got round to doing this challenge but I can’t remember when it was set so I may be out of time! I tried to keep it loose but still recognisable.

1 April

This afternoon I started a watercolour that really didn’t work although I may be able to salvage something from it later. To cheer myself up I sloshed some acrylic paint on to a canvas and came up with this.