30 January

The last day of the 30 faces 30 days challenge with this wonderful model from Tiffany S Da Vanzo. Tiffany drew this with graphite and added dried flowers to finish. Not having any dried flowers to hand I needed to draw it all. This has been quite a challenge finding an hour or so to watch a tutorial and then draw every day but I can see and feel an improvement in my portrait drawings so it has been a worthwhile effort and I would recommend this Sketchy course to anyone who wants to improve their portraits.

Day 30

29 January

Day 29 of the Sktchy 30faces in30 days challenge with Margriet Aasman. Margriet used toned paper, wash and cross hatching with a pen. I chose to do a straight watercolour but try to keep the dark mood of the original.

Day 29

28 February

Day 26 and day 27 of the Sktchy watercolour challenge. Day 26 was rushed because I had a busy day and day 27 should have been carefully cross hatched in pen but I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm for that so I added watercolour instead. Today’s challenge was done with coloured pencils which isn’t my thing so I went through my watercolour pallet instead and ordered new tubes of anything running low. I have been using more or less the same colour range for a year or so so it was a good opportunity to ditch a couple of colours I haven’t used and replace them. I ditched Hookers green because I don’t like ready mixed greens and replaced it with quinacradone gold, my new favourite colour.

Day 26
Day 27
My pallet

26 January

I haven’t done today’s portrait yet because I did an on line tutorial with Liz Chaterton. Liz demonstrated painting a dog in line and wash. Her painting style is very loose which suits me fine. She painted a Great Dane but I chose to do one of our labradors Nuala.

24 January

Day 24 of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days challenge. Today’s portrait was a graphite drawing with Zac Rybacki. Zac did a wonderful graphite drawing with great tone and contrast. I am afraid I got bored and used a watercolour wash followed by some scribbled fountain pen. Sorry Zac!

23 January

Day 23 of the Sktchy 30 faces 30 days challenge with David Tenorio.. I used pencil instead of pen and didn’t take enough time to finish it properly. Nonetheless I have been thinking about drawing using shadow shapes rather than line so this was a perfect introduction.

22 January

Day 22 of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days challenge. A pencil portrait from a tutorial by Kate Higgins. I’m afraid I didn’t watch the whole tutorial because we have the grandchildren staying so I finished it sat in front of the tv!