21 August

Today I was out with Broadstone Art Society on our stand at Broadstone Musical Market. We were raising the profile of the group and raising money for the charity Mosaic. Members of the society were sketch around the market and exhibiting the work on the stand. I did a couple of sketches and by the end of the day we had a respectable body of work and raised £70 for the charity.

18 August

We have the grandchildren staying with us this week so there isn’t much chance of painting! Today we took them to the Sea Life centre in Weymouth but had time For an hour on the beach first. It was drizzling but that didn’t stop them enjoying building sandcastles and going for a paddle. Time for a quick sketch while they played.

12 August

A trip to Durlston Country Park in Dorset today with PEDAS, my art group. I walked along the coast path to Anvil Point lighthouse and sat on the downs above the cliff top to sketch it. The wind was cold and I think I have hypothermia in my knees so I walked back to the castle which was sheltered from the wind for the other sketch.

11 August

My garden studio was designed for art and music but seems to have been taken over by the dogs as their new favourite place. It faces North so stays cool when it’s hot outside. I do have a corner left for my drawing desk and easel so at least I could capture the scene.

10 August

Chapmans pool on the Dorset Jurassic coast. We had a morning painting with Broadstone Art Society at this beautiful location. The roads were busy with holidaymakers and there were people on the coast path and on the steep descent to the beach but there is plenty of space for everyone on this stretch of coastline, plus it’s a long walk from the car park which helps!

8 August

Lat night I did a 3 hour zoom course with the wonderful artist Hazel Soane. The course was called Figures on the beach and hosted by Studio 56 boutique. Hazel took us through painting figures against a light background, against a dark background and finally adding figures to a completes seascape. We completed three paintings. I made the figures too small in the first, messed up a figure in the second but am pleased with the last one. Hazel is a great tutor and I learnt a lot about painting light and controlling watercolour.