31 July

We had a meeting of Bournemouth and Poole urban sketchers in Wareham today. I was a little late arriving but managed a couple of quick sketches. Sitting on the town quay about to sketch the river when the Purbeck Gem arrived completely blocking my view so I had to include it in the picture. The High Street was nice and busy with plenty of people walking past including this rather elegant pregnant lady, well she was elegant in real life anyway!

Wareham High street
Wareham Quay

26 July

I had a trip to the Natural History Museum today to do some sketching. The museum was very crowded so I was difficult to find a quiet corner to work in but I managed a couple of sketches. This afternoon I went to the Royal Academy summer exhibition. Some interesting works, some that I wasn’t keen on or maybe didn’t understand. I thought there were too many photographs, I know there’s a lot of skill and photos are an art form but I think they should have a separate exhibition.

Natural History Museum.

23 July

I have been asked to paint a picture of the Guildhall in Poole so I had a go this morning. There was a succession of weddings this morning including a gay partnership. The guests milled around me while waiting for the previous ceremony to finish so I had several interesting conversations while I worked.

The Guildhall, Poole

17 July

It was Lotus 7 and Caterham car night on Poole Quay Friday evening so we went along with the Art Society to do some sketching. There were around 60 cars gleaming in the evening sunshine and hundreds of people enjoying the warm evening.

Car night on Poole Quay