11 September

At PEDAS last night we had a demonstration by the water colourist Sue Smith. She showed us her technique for using cling film to create texture in backgrounds and using wax and masking fluid to preserve highlights. She loves to paint natural subjects from. The hedgerows so I painted these blackberries. Sue was very inspiring and we all enjoyed the evening. Not sure we will be able to have more meetings in the near future but the committee are working on it.

10 September

This morning we went to Middle Beach in Studland with PEDAS It is a beautiful part of Studland Bay and generally quieter than Knoll Beach a little further round the bay. There were very few people on the beach when I arrived so I had to sketch a few walkers going past. It got busier later but that picture will wait till tomorrow to post.

8 September

My intention was to paint a nice loose portrait letting the colour run and giving a spontaneous feel. The reality is I overworked it and made his face too fat then lost the bright sunny patches of light. Never mind, it’s only a piece of paper.

6 September

Poole and East Dorset art society are back indoors one Sunday a month with carefully monitored social distancing. This afternoon’s session was a landscape demonstration in oils by Rob Andrew, a very experienced local painter. We painted along with him using the tonal method which I had not come across before but with his excellent tuition I managed this recognisable scene of Kimmeridge Bay. I learnt a lot and will carry on with oils when I can.

5 September

We have our grandchildren Emmet and Cillian staying for the weekend. They are great fun but don’t have an off switch! This afternoon they were playing in the garden so I tried a couple of sketches while they were distracted, this is probably the most successful one.

4 September

In the town square, Corfe Castle is the very popular village bakery. Yesterday there was an ever changing queue of customers waiting to buy pasties and sandwiches. I spent a happy hour sat by the town cross sketching them, a few came across to see if they could spot themselves in the picture.

3 September

Corfe Castle was shrouded in mist this morning when we arrived to do some plein air painting with Poole and east Dorset art society. I found a bench in the churchyard with a great view of the castle and the Greyhound Inn. Unfortunately it was a cold and windy spot so I finished this little painting in record time and went off to find a coffee and a warmer place to sketch. This turned out to be the stone cross in the village square where I met some of the other artists, I will post the sketches from there tomorrow.

2 September

Here is a quick sketch I did at Canford Park SANG yesterday after a lady and her 6 year old daughter stopped to talk to us about our work. I reminds me a little of Winnie the Pooh the way they were holding hands although as I started this after they had gone I don’t remember if they were actually holding hands but I suppose that doesn’t really matter.