17 February

I had two figure sessions to catch up with today. I thought the first poses were tricky but the girl in the second session was rather large. I had to use extra paper! It was a good challenge though and I think the one on its own looks a bit like a Picasso!

16 February

No figure drawing today because I have been to the portrait course at Bournemouth uni. I will have to do two figure sessions again tomorrow.

this morning we did a pencil study. This afternoon we had to paint the same model in watercolour then change our viewpoint and do a second painting but quicker and looser. I chose a position where the model was backlit.

I photographed the first painting before it was completely dry which is why it looks crinkled, it dried flat.

15 February

Sometimes we all have off days, today seems to be one of mine. I had to catch up with two figure drawing sessions and nothing seemed to go right. I don’t have time tonight to add watercolour to try to rescue them so here is a selection of today’s attempts. I definitely prefer drawing girls!


13 February

A quick watercolour portrait done at work today. I am using a small set of 12 half pans from Daler Romney. The colours are much stronger than the Windsor & Newton Colman colours I use at home which is partly why I am getting the skin tones too dark. I am wondering whether to buy some tubes of colour from one of the artists brands, I know they are expensive but they should last a long time.

12 February

I haven’t had time to do figure drawing today and I am out tonight and tomorrow night so I will have to do two on Thursday and two on Friday to catch up. I did manage a quick portrait in the office. I can’t really draw nudes in case a customer walks in and gets the wrong idea! This was done from  a random photo I found on google. I was attracted by her prominent collar bones but now I can see I should have blended them in a bit more.


11 February

Home from Jersey today and back to work tomorrow. I am out for the next couple of evenings but I hope to find time to do the figure drawing, probably in pencil without the watercolour as that takes time. Same format tonight, three one minute poses, two of two unites and one five minute.  The two minute poses on the left seemed to work the best.

10 February

Back to a female model today but this one wouldn’t stand still, it wasn’t so bad in the one minute poses but in the two and five she was constantly moving. I drew three versions during the five so I could try to capture at least one pose. I added the colour afterwards.

9 February

The model was a man today lit from the side so producing deep shadows, this made him difficult to draw so I struggled to get anything worthwhile in either the one or two minute poses. I felt better after the five minute especially after adding some colour.