28 January

A very quick sketch of the old lifting bridge and lifeboat station on Poole Quay yesterday. It was a bit hurried because a couple stopped to talk to me and I lost focus. I do enjoy these spontaneous conversations when I’m painting . People who stop to talk are always positive and enjoy watching what I’m doing, at least that’s what they tell me!

Poole Quay

27 March

I enjoyed sitting on Poole Quay yesterday so I went back this morning to make the most of the good weather before it turns cold again next week. The Jolly Sailor and The Lord Nelson are two pubs that give the quay it’s unique character and both looked splendid in the spring sunshine.

Poole Quay

23 March

We had a talk about the basics of oil painting at the art society today. Pam and Sally talked about supports, canvas and board, brushes, paint, solvents, thinners and paint application. I have only used oils on a couple of occasions so I learnt a lot and enjoyed the session. I tried painting some of the artists at work with the windows behind them, it isn’t finished but so far so good!

19 March

The conditions were difficult for painting at Park Run Poole this morning, very bright sun and so windy that I had trouble keeping my drawing board still, at least the paint dried quickly. However it was ideal for the runners who all looked to be having a good time, many of them waved and called out to me, there’s such a great atmosphere every time I visit.

16 March

Mike and I had the pleasure of playing and singing to the art group while they drew us this afternoon. These talented artists from PEDAS produced some amazing work. Here are a few thanks to Dawn, Pam, Jodi, Liz and Gill. I’m the one without a beard!

5 March

At last week’s exhibition I was asked for a picture of Corfe Castle. I have a couple already but wanted to do another so I visited the village this morning. It was freezing! The north easterly wind chilled me to the bone but I managed this quick pen and wash in about an hour by which time I had enough.

Corfe Castle

20 February

Our joint exhibition at the Dolphin shopping centre Poole opened yesterday. Poole and Easy Dorset Art Society and Broadstone Art Society have worked together to put on and exhibition of sketch books and finished paintings in the community space called Gather. There are demonstrations by artists every day. Yesterday afternoon I was doing urban sketching and I will be there again on Wednesday and Friday showing techniques and encouraging visitors to have a go. On Saturday children are invited to participate in crafts with two experienced artists from Broadstone Art Society so bring your children along for some fun with paint and scissors.

Dolphin centre Poole