21 December

This watercolour is not my usual style but I am trying to control the way I apply washes and to complete a painting in two layers plus a little finishing detail. This is a copy of a painting, I would like to reference the original artist but I can’t remember where I found it!

19 December

It’s difficult to concentrate on art today as I lost a good friend to a brain tumour. It was expected but still very sad. I finished this little painting before I heard so I dedicate this To Kevin and all the people who knew and loved him. Goodbye old friend.

17 December

Tonight is the Skittle Alley Strummers Christmas party, normally a jolly evening full of singing, strumming, laughter, mince pies and Christmas jumpers but this year of course it will be on Zoom. So this is my Christmas card to all the ukulele strummers who will be playing tonight. At least I don’t have to remember everybody’s name this way!

16 December

A few pen and wash studies based on the drawings by Jean Paul Gibran the French illustrator Copying the work of other artists is a valuable way to learn different techniques and broaden the scope of our own work. Copying it too well is called forgery and generally frowned upon!

16 December

I was intending to go out sketching with Broadstone Art Society today but after an extremely wet dog walk at a quarter past seven this morning I decided to give it a miss and catch up on a couple of Christmas commissions instead. This is what it felt like this morning!

13 December

Every two weeks we have a veg box delivered from a local farm. We never know what we are going to get, just that it will be freshly picked and locally grown. Yesterday’s box contained a whole stalk of fresh green Brussels sprouts, for some reason I couldn’t get the colour right but they still taste delicious! I don’t usually paint still life but I couldn’t resist this.

12 December

Sometimes it’s good to spend an hour doodling with pen and wash while flipping through Pinterest for ideas. I did use a pencil to begin with, followed by watercolour then pen on top, probably my favourite medium but probably doesn’t count as “fine art”.