21 March

I was inspired to do this painting after watching a you tube video by the artist Karen Rice. It is painted in watercolour using a 4” brush and an old credit card. I am pleased with the result so I may try painting a figure using the same technique.

20 March

There seem to be lots of painting challenges around at the moment but I thought I would start with this one that I have been meaning to try for a couple of weeks. It took just under an hour but then I had to wait for it to dry before I could rub off the masking fluid.

19 March

The London Aquarium exceeded all our expectations. It is well laid out and filled with fascinating sea life. It was also practically empty which was a bonus for us. I particularly liked these jellyfish , the tank was beautifully lit and the jellyfish were mesmerising.

18 March

We are still in London and although galleries and theatres have closed there are a few things we are still able to do with care. The London eye was separating groups of people and allocating a separate pod to each group, each pod was cleaned and wiped with disinfectant between trips so it was as safe as they could make it. It was an amazing experience made even better by having a pod to just the four of us.

17 March

We are having a few days in London this week as we can’t go to Venice. Although I was brought up in London it was interesting to get a new perspective having been away for 35 years! Some of the buildings are pretty amazing, particularly the pubs.

16 March

There are urban sketching groups all over the world and as lots of them are now unable to leave their homes they have issued a challenge #viewfromawindow asking members to draw the view from their window. Here is my effort looking from a bedroom window at the road junction at the end of our lane complete with an obliging pigeon who sat still for me.

15 March

I went you the Poole and Bournemouth urban sketchers meet at the Russell-Cotes gallery this morning. It was too wet and windy to draw outside so I settled down to draw a couple of my favourite sculptures and finished with a view of the upstairs gallery. A few people have asked me about the materials I use, the pen is a pilot retractable ink pen but it could be any water soluble pen, I then use a water brush with plain water to create the wash, it is easy to carry around and doesn’t create any mess so perfect for museums and galleries.

14 March

I managed the last of my 100 challenge figures last night with a pen drawing of Bottlcelli’s Primavera. Counting the cherub that makes 101 people in five days. It’s been a fun challenge but I need to get on with a few other pieces that I have put on the back burner this last week.

13 March

I am up to 93 now in my challenge to draw 100 people in 5 days. I found a couple of group photos but my figures seem to get larger as I draw more of them. There must be a comfortable size that suits my drawing so I will have to try to start at that even if I have to use larger sheets of paper, these are A3. I will try to complete the remaining 7 this evening.

12 March

I am still a bit behind with my 100 people in 5 days challenge so I may not finish until Saturday. These are painted from school prom photos, no drawing just straight in with a brush. I need to work on the faces, I think I need to define them with shadows rather than paining eyes, nose and mouth.