19 March

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to realise this but tonight it finally hit me. If you want to build up dark tones you have to let the previous wash dry completely otherwise the wash gets lighter not darker. I must be more patient! This was supposed to be a dark moody portrait.

14 March

While trawling through You Tube in my lunch break I discovered a a 100 head drawing challenge. The challenge is to draw 10 quick sketches of heads every day for 10 days. There is a Pinterest page full of heads for reference and the idea is to draw quickly. They don’t have to be perfect, it is the repetition that develops the skill. I thought I might give it a try but it is hard to draw a head in much less than 10 minutes which would need nearly two hours a day! I was exhausted by the time I had done these four! I tried different media to see what works best. So I may just do a four a day challenge for the next 10 days, that should be enough! If you want to try it search for Ahmed Aldoori 100 faces challenge.