8 February

Day 8 of figuary where the model took a pose and then rotated 180 degrees for a different view. It made for some interesting angles. There was no five minute pose today so I did a one minute one again and paused the video for five minutes. Watercolour was added afterwards as usual.

7 February

We had a plus size model in our figure drawing challenge today with more poses for a Sunday. We had 4 one minute poses, 4 two minute poses and finally one five minute pose, I couldn’t fit her all on one page.! As usual I added some splashes of colour at the end.

6 February

Very difficult poses in today’s figure drawing session especially to do them within the time slots. As usual I added the watercolour at the end, one and two minute poses don’t leave me with enough time within the session.

3 February

Day 3 of figuary and I decided to draw in pen, this forces you to think about each line before putting pen to paper. I still kept in the time limit of three one minute poses, two two minute poses and finally one of five minutes. A male model today so I had to draw willies!

1 February

I found time today to start Figuary, a 28 day life drawing challenge that runs every year in February. Organised by lovelifedrawimg.com in association with Croquis cafe they publish a video each day featuring a live model in a range of timed poses. One minute, two minutes and five minutes. Strangely I find I get the worst results on the two minute poses. I like to add a bit of colour at the end to cover up some of the mistakes!