19 April

I did a workshop with the on line school “etcher” today. Sketching people in ink and watercolour by Roisin Cure. She did some demos and talked us through painting people quickly when urban sketching. The subject matter was ideal as it’s just what I enjoy doing. These are the people I painted during the workshop, not so different from my usual style but I picked up lots of tips along the way.

17 April

Our second COVID jab today and we had to queue for an hour. At least the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. This was only part of the queue, I tried to take some reference photos but wa told by a jobsworth that photos were not allowed as we were on private property. I am pretty sure that is not enforceable and he was being petty but I didn’t argue, he was wearing a hi-vis vest so he must have been important!

15 April

Today was our first outing to paint en plein air with Poole and East Dorset Art Society. We met at Canford Cliffs where the small park was busy with children playing on the swings and climbing frames The sun was warm but the wind was cold especially down on the beach..

11 April

Another attempt at the view from Cowgrove. This time I drew loosely in pen first. I feel more comfortable with this technique, I like the freedom of using a pen, no correction is possible so every mark remains.