7 March

I started the One week one hundred people drawing challenge today. It doesn’t officially start until tomorrow but while I am doing the 30 faces in 30 days at the same time I thought I had better get a head start. I started with a page of park run figures from Google photos then did a page using images from a book about life through the twentieth century which is why there is such a mix of fashion from de mobbed soldiers in their pin stripe suits to teddy boys, a fifties family going on holiday and a couple of models from the sixties.

6 March

Today’s Sktchy portrait tutorial was painted using gouache but I am not keen on that so I used watercolour instead. Quite pleased with the result although I suspect her left eye is a fraction too high

5 March

In today’s tutorial with Kate Tsunola we painted a monochrome portrait using two colours ( bichrome?) The focus changes from colour to value and the only way to create an edge is to use contrast. Kate used a gel pen to add highlights but I didn’t have one so I used white gouache.

4 March

The fourth day of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days and we are back to watercolour. Unfortunately I overworked this by trying to layer the colours. The tutor Karl Staub was interesting although I painted the portrait after watching it through.

3 March

Day 3 of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days challenge and it’s another portrait in gouache. I have come to the conclusion that it’s not my favourite medium but I persevered. Hoping for a watercolour portrait tomorrow.

2 March

Day 2 of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days challenge. Today’s topic was a portrait in gouache using a pointillist style of painting so that’s two unknowns for me. I have some old tubes of gouache, not sure how old but one still had the price sticker on it 15pence! I only used three colours, red, blue and yellow and tried to optically blend them on the page. Interesting tutorial by Mike Creighton, not sure I am a convert to gouache but I enjoyed the process.

1 March

The first day of the Sktchy 30 faces in 30 days challenge and I didn’t do very well! There was no preliminary drawing this time, just straight in with a brush which was my downfall. I think I need to do a quick pencil sketch first to fix the proportions whatever the instructor says.

28 February

I took the dogs for a long walk around our new home in Corfe Mullen yesterday. We are close to the edge of town so it’s only a short step into the countywide. Most of the immediate area seems to be equestrian properties and most fields are divided into paddocks. I didn’t stop to sketch but took some photos and di this quick sketch this morning.

21 February

Last Tuesday the removal crew were loading the first van so I managed to get away for an hour with the dogs for a walk along the beach. The light was super so I took some photos and finally got around to do a quick watercolour this morning.