19 January

A very enjoyable morning sketching in Christchurch with the Poole and Bournemouth urban sketchers despite the early frost. Thank you Cat for organising it. I did a couple of pen and wash sketches plus one in pen that I haven’t added colour to yet so it was a very productive morning. This was my most successful (least unsuccessful!) sketch.

18 January

This painting is for a weekend challenge set by a watercolour group. Given a reference photo we had to create a painting in less than one hour, this didn’t include time spent on the initial drawing. I managed to paint it in 40 minutes of which 10 was waiting for the background wash to dry!

17 January

A few years ago we sailed from Poole to Dartmouth and stayed overnight in Kingsweir Marina. The marina is next to the railway line and backed by the colourful houses of Kingsweir, it is a beautiful place to stay on a sunny evening. As we are selling the boat I thought it was time to remember her in a painting.

15 January

This is the portrait from yesterday’s session at Broadstone Art Society. In some ways I prefer the quick pen and wash sketch I did first and posted yesterday, it is fresher and more spontaneous. Anyway she was a good model and I enjoyed painting her.

14 January

Another good portrait session at Broadstone Art Society this morning with the lovely Judith modelling for us. The medal is a marathon medal so we were pleasantly surprised that she had the willpower to sit very still for two hours. This is the initial sketch I did to gauge proportions and get a feel for the composition.