15 September

After photographing the field of sunflowers yesterday I had to try a watercolour to try to capture the golden glow of the flowers. This is on hot pressed paper that I bought in Oxford to try, it’s a lot smoother than the paper I normally use, more like cartridge paper but It doesn’t cockle when wet. I think It will work well with pen and wash.

14 September

Very hot in Oxford this morning so we couldn’t leave the dogs in the van, they had to come with us. We found a nice shady cafe opposite the Radcliffe Camera so I could do some urban sketching and have a coffee. Photo taken with iPad camera!

12 September

After painting on the beach on Thursday I went for a coffee at Middle beach cafe and was able to sit in the sun and sketch the other customers. The two girls on the table in front of me were deep in conversation and took no notice of me until they got up to leave and saw my sketch as they walked passed. They were very complementary and admired my work which gave me a warm glow of satisfaction!

11 September

At PEDAS last night we had a demonstration by the water colourist Sue Smith. She showed us her technique for using cling film to create texture in backgrounds and using wax and masking fluid to preserve highlights. She loves to paint natural subjects from. The hedgerows so I painted these blackberries. Sue was very inspiring and we all enjoyed the evening. Not sure we will be able to have more meetings in the near future but the committee are working on it.

10 September

This morning we went to Middle Beach in Studland with PEDAS It is a beautiful part of Studland Bay and generally quieter than Knoll Beach a little further round the bay. There were very few people on the beach when I arrived so I had to sketch a few walkers going past. It got busier later but that picture will wait till tomorrow to post.

8 September

My intention was to paint a nice loose portrait letting the colour run and giving a spontaneous feel. The reality is I overworked it and made his face too fat then lost the bright sunny patches of light. Never mind, it’s only a piece of paper.