2 April

This is from a challenge photo set by the group Purely watercolour. I finally got round to doing this challenge but I can’t remember when it was set so I may be out of time! I tried to keep it loose but still recognisable.

1 April

This afternoon I started a watercolour that really didn’t work although I may be able to salvage something from it later. To cheer myself up I sloshed some acrylic paint on to a canvas and came up with this.

31 March

I am only doing one dog walk per day now as per the government guidelines. I go out at 7.30 in the morning and Ginny takes them in the afternoon. On Sunday the early sunshine was catching the top of the stone bridge in Branksome Chine. I have painted this bridge before back in the autumn when the colours were red and gold. It’s nice to see the spring greens appearing daily.

28 March

I have just finished the monthly challenge for the group Purely Watercolour and found I am too late! Never mind I enjoyed drawing the Russell Cotes museum which is my favourite building here in Bournemouth. I used line and wash in my sketch book so couldn’t go too mad with the colours.