Beach sketch

Devenport, Auckland, New Zealand
Devenport, Auckland, New Zealand

We are staying with Mick & Lyndell in New Zealand. Today Ginny and I had a relaxing day in Takapuna and Devenport. We were sat by the beach while I was sketching and a couple came past, looked over my shoulder and said “oh, you’re an artist, that is really good!” Of course this made my day, as did the group of five young ladies who proceeded to change out of their swimming things in front of us. I wasn’t drawing them particularly but it gave me plenty of inspiration.

On Monday we fly to Brisbane to see Tammy, Richard and baby Caitlin.

One thought on “Beach sketch

  1. Gill Mullen January 17, 2015 / 1:51 pm

    Hi David. Haha. I was sketching today as well. I was practising drawing portuguese boats ready for my next art project. Occasionally looked up to see a rather nice tanned young man go by. Not that I was interested of course!
    So lovely here. Paradise. More later. Xx

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