4 July

Today’s painting is a VW camper. This model is generally referred to as a bay window because of its large wrap around windscreen. I had one of these but without the pop. Up roof. The cab heater was supplied with hot air from the engine which was right at the back. It came via a steel ducting running under the van, this was always the first thing to rust so the heat would vanish through the holes. Long before it got to the cab. The gear lever is attached to the gearbox by cables which stretched so you could rotate the lever in a large circle and not find any gears until you got the knack, then you found first gear by the passengers knee, second gear on the passengers thigh, third somewhere under the dashboard and fourth slightly behind you, I can’t remember where reverse was but I think. You had to lift the gear knob or maybe push it down. Lots of people love them despite their idiosyncrasies.

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