16 December

I was intending to go out sketching with Broadstone Art Society today but after an extremely wet dog walk at a quarter past seven this morning I decided to give it a miss and catch up on a couple of Christmas commissions instead. This is what it felt like this morning!


  1. Hi Dave,
    seeing this reminded me of a time years ago when we came to see you when you were living in Grove Park. We left about midnight just as you took off into the night to take Bilbo, your long-haired Afghan hound for his evening walk. Unfortunately it was absolutely stair-rodding. I’m guessing it must have been about 3:00 in the morning before you got him dry and managed to get to bed!

    1. Some of us never learn Ron! Most of the time walking the dogs is a pleasure and good exercise but there are a few occasions when it would be much better to stay in bed. Try telling that to two labradors with their legs crossed at 7 in the morning!

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