12 January

Yesterday morning I needed to go to the supermarket for our weekly shop but my car wouldn’t start, the battery was completely flat. I had a new battery fitted by the RAC in November so I put it on charge and took Ginny’s car instead. When I checked the battery voltage mid afternoon it hadn’t risen above 4.75 volts so I called the RAC. Unfortunately the membership I got with the car expired in December soI had to pay for the fallout, they did say they would refund the money if the battery proved to be faulty. They gave me an eta of three hours but in fact the mechanic called me just over an hour later to say he was on his way. He did all the battery checks and got the car started, it turns out the battery is fine I just haven’t used the car enough to keep it charged and the battery charger I was using is too old to charge modern batteries properly (it’s probably 25 years old!) The car was fine this morning and I have ordered a new charger from Amazon. A big thank you to Paul from the RAC for getting me back on the road.

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