13 July

We went to Belper farmers market today, Ginny found a stall selling home spun and dyed wool, she hasn’t got any wool at home of course so had to buy some! We also bought free range eggs, goats cheese and hand made dog treats.


  1. Love it!
    I completely understand that Ginny has no wool at home, I to have no wool (here generally known as yarn) – just a rolling metal cart with a few skeins (about 80)….
    -so while here on Cape Hatteras I simply must visit my favorite store -Blue Pelican Yarn & Gifts, Ginny would love it. I have to go to it because I forced myself to only bring 2 balls of wool on the journey, and made dishcloths, so I need more to knit on the beach… đŸ˜€

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